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Restoring Trust and Accountability in Public Finances

July 17, 2018

Doug Ford PC Government Launches Independent Financial Commission of Inquiry and Orders Line-by-Line Audit of Government Spending  

QUEEN’S PARK – Today the newly formed Government for the People delivered on another key promise made during the campaign when it announced the creation of an Independent Financial Commission of Inquiry that will look into the province’s past financial practices and the state of the government’s books.

The thorough investigation will be conducted at arms-length and independent from the government and its findings will be delivered on August 30, 2018. At the same time a thorough end-to-end, line-by-line audit of all government spending will also be conducted.

“These two initiatives are the backbone of our plan to restore trust and accountability, a key commitment we made during the campaign to the people of Ontario,” said Premier Doug Ford. “We all know that under the Liberals the books were cooked. The deficit numbers were faked. This commission of inquiry will provide answers about what went wrong and the line-by-line audit will provide answers on how we can fix it. The party with the taxpayers’ money is over.”

“For the past 15 years the people of Ontario have watched in frustration as political leaders have mismanaged public funds and wasted your hard earned money,” said Cho. “The days of paying more and getting less are over. Today’s announcement brings an end to that culture of waste and mismanagement in government and is the first step to restoring confidence that your money is being spent with prudence and care.”