Restoring Accountability and Trust in Government

July 27, 2018

Doug Ford’s PC Government Announces Series of Local Government Reforms, Including the Reduction in the size of Toronto City Council

QUEEN’S PARK – As part of its commitment to restoring trust and accountability in government, Premier Doug Ford and the PC Government announced today the introduction of the Better Local Government Act. The legislation will implement a series of local government reforms, including the reduction of the size of Toronto City Council from 47 to 25 members.

“Rarely, if ever, have we heard we need more politicians to get our economy growing and create jobs. In fact it’s the opposite,” said Premier Ford. “The size of government is too large at the municipal level. It is time to reduce the size and cost of municipal governments.”

“We are committed to better local government” said Cho, “an oversized city council prevents an effective and timely decision. Often decisions are held up when they don’t need to be. Our reforms will make this process more efficient and effective, creating a more robust approach to urgent and pressing issues such as transit and infrastructure”.

The new boundaries will be in effect for the upcoming fall election, and are expected to save Toronto taxpayers $25 million over the next four years.