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Fighting Gang and Gun Violence

August 9, 2018

Doug Ford`s PC Government announces $25 million investment over four years in new resources for city of Toronto

QUEEN`S PARK – Premier Ford announced today that the PC Government will be investing $25 million in new resources to fight gang and gun violence in the city of Toronto. This comes in addition to the $76 already being provided to police services. This is even bigger than Toronto and the GTA. Organized crime that starts in Toronto and ends up spilling into other municipalities across Ontario.

“It`s time to put public safety first” said Premier Ford. “Too many people and too many neighbourhoods are living in fear of gang and gun violence…Our government is listening to police and investing real money to help them protect families from gang and gun violence”.

Following extensive consultations with Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders, the funds will contribute to dedicated legal SWAT teams, and cutting-edge digital, investigative and analytical tools.

“The time for talk is over” said Cho. “We are delivering real action to keep our neighborhoods safe and are challenging the municipal and federal government to do the same.